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8 minute dating connecticut

of 2000, there were 34,243 people, 11,911 households, and 9,707 families residing in the town.

The population density was 1,470.6 people per square mile (567.7/km²).

The racial makeup of the town was 92.0% White, 4.1% Asian, 2.9% Black or African American, 0.5% from other races, and 0.5% from two or more races.

Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.70% of the population.

The farmers wanted to name their village Nickol's Farms, after the family that owned a large farm in its center, but the Colony called it Unity.

In 1744 Unity merged with the village of Long Hill (organized in 1740) to form the Society of North Stratford.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 23.5 square miles (61 km According to the U. Geological Society, at 615 ft Monitor Hill (Tashua Hill) in Trumbull is the highest coastal point on the east coast of the United States. Trumbull has 871.23 acres (3.5257 km The town of Trumbull, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company agreed to make a joint Town and State purchase of land in the Pequonnock River Valley in 1989.

Minor bodies of water include Dogwood Lake, Frog Pond, Kaatz Pond, Kaechele Pond, Porters Pond, Secret Pond, Thrush Wood Lake and Unity Park Pond.In the late 20th century, the people purchased additional land for more reservation land.The Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation has been recognized as a tribe by the state.They raised their children with Native American culture, maintaining some identity.In the late 19th century, a Paugusset man purchased a former Paugusset cemetery in Trumbull, and had it recognized as a reservation by the state.

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The population density was 1,593.73 people per square mile.