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Adult sex dating in rich mississippi

Thomas, now a 41-year-old Jackson artist and the divorced father of a young son, doesn't know exactly when it got ugly with George: "I don't remember a first time; they're all lumped together." Thomas was 8 or 9 when George started coming to his room in Belhaven and fondling him at the lake house.Sometimes, when he and George were alone at the lake house, he says, the priest would tell him to walk around without his underwear."I remember all the ugly lies he'd tell to cover up," Thomas says.

The family constantly attended rectory parties where the sons could play with other children and the parents could enjoy brunches and fine meals, sip coffee and drink wine, and engage in witty repartee and intellectual chat with their new friends—especially the pastor George Broussard."The boys were fond of him, and he became fonder and fonder of the boys," Dorothy says.He couldn't tell his parents because he didn't want to disappoint them, or George, or God.He was an altar boy with a strong sense of duty, and he had to set a good example for his two little brothers.Even though Broussard, the leader of the children's choir that Francis loved to sing in at St.Peter's Cathedral, had told him it was OK, he still felt ashamed.

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