Average dating relationship length

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Average dating relationship length

Recent research has confirmed what has been a prominent theme in media messages about women’s sexual desire for a long time.

Women’s sexual desire decreases as relationship length increases.

Thus men may not be reporting desire levels that do not fit within this norm.

It’s a universal truth that dating and sex is biologically and subconsciously centered around making babies, so whether babies are your end goal or not, it makes sense.The average relationship length of the sample was a little over two years (2.14 years for women and 2.05 years for men), though relationship length ranged from 1 to 108 months (9 years).The desire subscale of the Female Sexual Function Index and the Male Sexual Function Index were used to assess the outcome variable, sexual desire.Murray expands on the findings with regard to men’s reports of sexual desire: While men reported high levels of sexual desire in this study despite their varying relationship lengths, more research needs to be conducted to determine whether men might simply reporting higher levels of sexual desire, possibly to fit within social norms and notions of masculinity.Specifically there is the impression that men are expected to always want and be ready for sexual activity.

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These stats are just from an online dating survey, but studies have shown that delaying intimacy really is one of the keys to a lasting and happy relationship.

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