C problems and solutions validating

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C problems and solutions validating

This webinar provides a high level overview of the workflow for developing systems to meet aerospace certification requirements.

The workflow is demonstrated using a helicopter flight control system example.

Validating the demand for your product is more important than ANYTHING.

More important than features, your team, design, pricing, etc.

Their top 5 problems might look something like this: If you’re planning to launch a social media tool, you can see that’s NOT a tier 1 (top 3) problem for the typical CEO of a small business — it’s #5 on their list.Then just connect with all of the prospects you find with a message like this:(I realize I’ve dramatically simplified this step — but you’re an entrepreneur, so be creative and put in some hustle.If you don’t like talking to people on the phone then maybe this startup thing isn’t for you…)Step 3— Properly determine existing solutions One thing you’ll have after your 20 calls is an idea of how they currently solve the problem.Search for the pain (time/complexity/cost/frustration) in that process. You also want to set a second follow up with at least 10 of the prospects you spoke with on the phone and get their views on pricing. Is it because it’s Monday and that’s their moody day?Keep digging in until you can recite it back to them on the call. Not specific, “/user/month” pricing, but their initial reaction to paying for a solution to the product they told you they were experiencing. Are they on a 100 year contract with IBM for their existing solution? After talking to at least 10 prospects on the phone about pricing, you want 5 or more to say yes to pricing.

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This talk explains the expanding capabilities of tools for dynamic testing and formal methods–based static analysis.

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