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He became teary-eyed when he talked about his grandma. We would be on the phone, and he would say, "Are you pulling at the cuticle on your right thumb right now?It appeared he wasn't the vapid dude addicted to panty-throwing groupies I'd assumed he was., and we agreed not to date other people. " It was as if he rented a chunk of real estate in my brain. I'm sorry."I left for the airport and ignored his calls for months. A few years later, I left LA and moved to Manhattan. "It's her."He asked me to meet up and apologized for his immaturity and infidelities. He thought I was constantly waiting for him to screw up. I couldn't justify or pardon what he had done, but I tried to understand. The first months of 2013 were a steady drive in bliss and honey.

The gig was glamorous but tough, and I learned quickly that many male VIPs had god complexes and felt entitled to my attention. " I didn't at first, but apparently everyone else did."Just give me a chance! Go find a chick who's impressed with your day job."He would shake his head and mumble, "Brutal, man."I'm ready," whispered my 30-year-old self, fully tipsy and half incoherent."I want to have a baby.""I can't even handle that face of yours," he beamed.Jeremy: if they are the series I you might want to look them over/play them to see if they float your boat.The Sonor Performers with the yellow stripe on the badge are the earlier series and are 6 ply beech with rounded bearing edges. The later Performer series did not have a yellow stripe on the badge and are poplar shells with 45 degree bearing edges.

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I've looked at Sonor Museum and read that these are beech shell drums (that jives with what the seller says) but haven't gotten a feeling for how good the drums are. It would be a trade deal as I don't have money for another kit right now. I'd fix value somewhere in the $400 range, depending on condition and sizes.

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  1. Of Fisher and Jones, Molaro sweetly recalled Fisher meeting Jones, who voiced Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, for the first time on the set: "She said, 'Dad!