Dating victor records

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Dating victor records

I’d say I have a hundred phonographs, plus or minus 10 percent. A few weeks ago, I was in my storage area with a friend and saw some stuff that I had completely forgotten about.I don’t keep too many phonographs in the main living areas of my house because of pets and kids and the potential for damage. I do have quite a few at my parents’ house and in my basement.Victor was very involved in the transition to electric, which made a huge difference in the sound quality.: They used Roman numerals in the early years – e.g. The outside horn machines – the ones that you see on the dog logo with the horn sticking out – are not Victrolas; those are Victors. Those are all Victor products, but they’re just different designs. The outside horn machines were considered clunky because they took up a lot of space. For the inside horn machine, they just put the horn going down instead of coming out, down near the cabinet.A mahogany Victrola would sell for 0, but circassian walnut might sell for ,000. When they started making early electric phonographs around 1925, it was the first time they used electronic amplifiers, and Victor was very involved in that product line.There are some rare ones there that use special early amplifiers and designs, but those are a later generation than the older ones we’re talking about.Some of the premium machines that would bring ,000 in the early ‘90s, you can now get for a couple grand or less. I try to buy phonographs that don’t need restoration, just some cleanup.

It’s difficult to do a quality job that simulates how they looked when they were new.

Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs, including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the evolution of the phonograph machines in general.

Paul can be reached via his website, The Victor-Victrola Page, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

I also used to collect old radios, but lost interest in that because what you play on them isn’t old stuff.

When you turn on the radio, you get punk and everything else now.

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The quality of their materials and hardware was heads and tails above most. Victor was founded around 1900 after some fits and starts.

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