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One of the greatest benefits of butter is its short- and medium- chain fatty acid content.Since these fatty acids do not have to be emulsified by bile salts during digestion, they can be absorbed directly from the small intestine and delivered to the liver to be used as an instant source of energy.Cheese is a concentrated source of fat and protein (casein).Yogurt, cheese, milk and cottage cheese also contain butterfat, but they have high levels of milk sugar known as lactose, which will fuel Candida yeast if one is dealing with overgrowth and eats too much.Ghee is pure fat as well, so it too will not have an impact on insulin, but it will be lacking some of the nutrients that are found in butter. However, very concentrated sources of fat like ghee, butter, cheese and cream can be overstimulating to the neurotransmitters dopamine and endorphins in a similar manner as drugs and alcohol, which may lead to compulsive overeating of that particular food for some people.

It is also a good source of arachidonic acid, a fatty acid that is vital for healthy brain function and production of prostaglandins (important hormone-like compounds that regulate many different functions in the body like healing tissue that is damaged or infected, blood flow, clotting, inflammation, and contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle tissue, ovulation, menstruation and labor).

If whole milk was used, the fat would decrease its impact on insulin.

Dairy is a Gluten Cross-Reactor Additionally, the proteins in dairy are gluten cross-reactors, which means that the gluten intolerant can create antibodies towards dairy just like they do gluten.

As much as 75 percent of the world’s population may be lactose intolerant, with prevalence in the Caucasian population being about 25 percent and about 97 percent in the Native American population.

The primary substances involved with a sensitivity are casein and whey.

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Strictly speaking, dairy is not a component of the Paleolithic diet (the diet I promote), but you will find that many Paleo people embrace butter, ghee, cream and full-fat yogurt. However, there is great disagreement in all dietary approaches about whether dairy should really be consumed or not for a variety of reasons which we will now discuss.

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