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European Dating Dating is different all around the world.Although it is different all around the world there are a few principles that remain the same.It’s this role reversal specifically that got us all confused in North America.Men now clean and take maternity leaves, while women are out there kicking ass. Don’t get me wrong though, even if a woman is a CEO, she must still remember her role as a woman in the house.

Our Czech and Slovak dating introduction and matchmaking agency is uniquely qualified to match couples as Rodney being a western man and Jitka being a Czech woman from Moravia understand what brings the two together.We get to know both sides - our ladies and men so we find out what each is looking for so we can find your special someone.Ladies must apply to be in our agency and be interviewed.There is nothing wrong with a woman cooking, cleaning and taking care of her man.It’s actually the opposite, it’s what’s going to make your man more of a man.

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