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"That means it can avoid repetition and use information gleaned from you to enhance future conversations." He added: "The linguistic philosophy we’re following is one that enables our software to get an understanding of what the user means." Levy predicted in 2008 that sex robots would arrive just a few years later.

He now admits his timing was off but still thinks it will happen, pointing to a Californian sex doll company, Real Doll, that has just announced the first dolls which will talk back.

"We think the advertising world is offers huge potential.

Imagine having a conversation with a chatbot that can talk intelligently about a particular type of product." The concept of robot helpers, while becoming a practical reality, is uncomfortably close to science fiction.

Siri is just one indicator of how easily the idea of talking to robots, and the machines talking back, has crept into everyday life.

Artificial intelligence pioneer David Levy believes it won’t be too long until we’re having sex with them.

There are lonely people out there." Levy is the research side of Erotic Chatbots, which has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund chatbots that flirt or have pornographic chat with lonely hearts online.Levy claims his chatbot software is the most realistic on the market, though he won’t go into technical detail for commercial reasons.He said: "We will have a dialogue history whereby our chatbots will remember all of your conversations and details, so when it talks to you again, it will know what it has said in the past.He believes the realism of his software will differentiate it from cruder adult chatbots already available online. When Levy published Love and Sex with Robots, the culmination of his years of research into android-human relationships, many thought he was positing machines as a stand-in for human relationships. He said: "I get asked, why is it better to have sex with a robot than with a human?But that’s not the question, the question is - would you prefer to have no love at all, or to have love and sex with a robot?

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He said: "I have always felt conversation and speech recognition are the two hardest aspects of AI, but I did anticipate it would only be a matter of years before the first crude sex doll came onto the market.

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