French online dating women dating site

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French online dating women dating site

In 2006, when only 42% of households in the country had internet access, already 10% of French people were on such websites.Over the next seven years, this number rose to 14% among 26-65 year olds.

Adopt, a dating site which allows men to ‘advertise’ themselves as potential partners, has been hugely popular since it launched in 2010, with a reported 25,000 signing up in the first year alone.

During a period of life when there’s a smaller dating pool and a person’s social circle is mainly made up of couples, websites become a particularly appealing way to meet people.

And for same-sex couples in France, dating sites are actually the number one way to find relationships.

Here’s what we learned: Online dating in France is more popular than ever Over the past several years, the practice of online dating in France has steadily risen.

According to a 2014 poll, one in three French adults is on a dating site.

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But in general, it turns out the top place to meet your soul mate is still good old-fashioned real life.