Frustrated with internet dating Videodating nederland

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Frustrated with internet dating

Don't get frustrated if i cant contact some one as the site, it is about choice.I don't think that in those age brackets the age difference is less than an issue at all! I, like you have wanted to compliment someone on their profile due to the fact that I used to mix and match for a dating site and couldn't do it for whatever reason, I just moved on............I tend to think that, once past 45/50, then the age difference is less of an issue. For whatever reason this does not match the age limits.

i myself have not set any limits as i will talk to anyone, pass a comment, say hi or just have a joke.Some will now come back and say this is not for general conversation but we do have loads of that on these very forums and isn't conversation the very engine that this site works on?So I do find it very frustrating that I can't pass on a simple compliment because I happen to be a few years senior!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I know that this will have been discussed af infinitum but I wanted to say my bit!

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I accept that this is primarily a dating site and we don't want our message boxes cluttered up with messages from totally unlikely prospects and ageist abuse.