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All this variety earns the Solomon Islands the distinction of being the most diverse group of islands in the Pacific Ocean!

The Solomons cover an area of 28,000 square km and are composed of more than 990 islands.

Add to that the unspoiled nature and the many things to see and do in Solomon Islands, with so many undiscovered points and places, and the low cost at which you can experience all this, and you will soon fall in love with the Solomon Islands.

This is truly the paradise of the South Sea, promised ever so often by attractive brochures but never found.

There are a few organised Solomon Islands tours that are quite popular with tourists, like the World War II battlefields and megapode fields of Savo Island.

While Honiara on Guadalcanal is a must visit, Gizo and Santa Isabel are interesting too.

Make sure you do bring gifts along, you will find you need them to express your gratitude after experiencing the warmth here.

The charm of the gentle people and their laidback way of life ring true and warm the heart.You will get a chance to make genuine contact with a population that is still innocent of outsiders, and who will be as curious about you as you will be about them.But probably the best thing is coming in contact with a culture that is still very proud of its roots and holds on proudly to its Melanesian tradition.Learn the local language and start experiencing what the locals from the western province mean when they say 'No Hurry'. While travelling the South Pacific why not check out the nearby island nations of Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga.Komolo Village Stay offers their guests an opportunity to experience true Melanesian culture and day to day village activities including collecting food, gardening, fishing, house construction, cultural song and dance, as well as enjoy swimming This traditional style Eco- lodge offers guests an opportunity to experience local accommodation combined with conservation initiatives and the natural environment.

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