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In Marriable, Hayley and Michael Di Marco ask the question, "You aren't desperate so why are you acting like it?" With creative chapter titles like "They Just Might Be Out of Your League" and "How Being 'Just Friends' is a Waste of Time," the authors explore everything from internet dating to commitment-phobia.Michael has worked in publisher relations, coached volleyball at the university level, and co-hosted a relationship humor radio show called "Babble of the Sexes." He is general manager of Hungry Planet, working with up-and-coming authors who wish to reach an increasingly postmodern culture with premodern truth. Oh great, another book about being single and finding "the one," right? Hayley and Michael Di Marco offer practical wisdom for surviving singleness in the trenches. The type of book you're thinking about offers a fifteen-step program, a scientific formula, or tries to spiritualize the process. How Being "Just Friends" Is a Waste of Time - Desperate Lies Women Tell Themselves - Men Lie to Get What They Want - Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last - Don't Marry Your Best Friend Unless You're Gay.

The rejection triggers a previous rejection plunging them into more pain.

Many people, especially those with a penchant for unavailable relationships, struggle with rejection and take it very personally, which is unsurprising when they also fear making mistakes and engage in trying to ‘win’ people over.

go through it although you’ll notice that those who cope with rejection, don’t call it ‘rejection’.

You’re feeling rejected about the fact that they didn’t change from what you find rejectionable. You wanted different things – that sounds a hell of a lot better than “They rejected me” especially because rejection automatically creates the assumption that are wholly and solely responsible for why the relationship hasn’t worked out or why they behave as they do – you’re not.

rejection – it’s giving you an Early Opt Out with no penalties, a difference of opinion, or NO. Don’t see your relationships as a ‘waste’ or that you are now ‘rejectionable’ – that’s writing off both bad even if you would have preferred it to be something different.

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Writing with wit and humor, Hayley and Michael discuss the differences between men and women, what those differences mean in a dating relationship, and ultimately how to find and be a "marriable" person.

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