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Selflessness is something that we celebrate but not many of us experience it firsthand day in and out.2. Servicemen are required to keep in a certain level of shape... Exercise has been proven to be really good for you and it's nice having a spouse whose belly doubles as a place to scrub clothes.3. Tidiness doesn't stay at white glove level when there's no one screaming man in a wide-brimmed hat threatening with 90 lbs of potatoes to peel. Military Wives Choirs are a group of British choirs formed of wives, partners and widows of British Military personnel as well as service women and veterans and are located around the UK and in several locations abroad.Formed in 2010, the choir has performed at major military events and also at the Diamond Jubilee Concert.The first choir held their first rehearsal in April 2010 in Catterick Garrison.The album, entitled In My Dreams after the lead single, was released in early March 2012, and went to top the album chart in the UK within a week, with £1 from each album sale going towards the Military Wives Choirs Foundation.

Since the invation of Afghanistan in 2001 the divorce rate for active duty couples has risen from 2.6% to 3.6%, and the number of military suicides is almost equal to the number of battlefield deaths. Also acronyms that you may use regularly, ASAP, FUBAR, SNAFU, etc, were in army parlance for decades before making their way to the civilian world.10. Home comforts, even if they're not particularly outstanding, are greatly appreciated after any length of deployment.Her husband is a West Point graduate, a Ranger, a Harvard MBA and an all-around incredible man. Every now and again, you get a year in Hawaii or San Diego (Semper Surf Party) sandwiched between a swamp in Georgia and an Alaskan tundra.5. Of course you hope that love will keep pants fastened around waists, but the Uniform Code of Military Justice also finds adultery to be in very poor taste. He was deployed in Iraq and a few other less-than-ideal spots during the middle of the last decade, and while she was certainly very stressed, especially while pregnant during her husband's deployment, she let me in on the perks of being married to a soldier, sailor, airman or marine.1. First and foremost, being married to someone who is willing to give their gives their best years and, potentially their lives, for the sake of the country (and the world) is humbling. It was the idea of two Scots Guards wives who decided, whilst their husbands deployed in Afghanistan in 2009, to put up posters at the Garrison to actively encourage and look for ladies interested in singing together, to help support and give the wives a focus whilst their husbands deployed.They engaged a well-known local music teacher and set about putting together a choir made up of Wives, Girlfriends and Service women and so the first choir was formed.

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That's why we're psyched to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May the 6th): Despite the difficulties, there are also benefits to being married to a military man or woman. From sales tax-free shopping to low-interest credit unions to discounts on continuing education, there are a many deep discounts for military families. My friend never realized how great it would feel to cook dinner for a dozen very grateful, homesick 19-year-olds stationed in Germany.

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