Mommy dating

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Mommy dating

I didn't laugh all that much, but it is very clever and inventive.It might have been funnier when it was first published, but a fan like me still enjoyed it all (though some more than others).If you're a bit unsure, you can't miss with any of the newer stuff.This is a collection of short humorous pieces and in my view there is not a dud in here, although my favorite essay is the one about what happened to his Greenwich Village apartment after it fell to the North Vietnamese.I was thinking this morning that perhaps "Dating Your Mom" (the title piece itself) is making a point about the banality of evil in self-help books--that is, saying that self-help books encourage you to look out for number one without noticing what the cost may be, as epitomized by the earnest advice that one should date one's mom, perhaps the greatest taboo in Western culture. But the essays made me SCREAM with laughter and I used to re-read them every six months, dreaming that I might ever find something so funny again."You've really kept your figure Mom, and don't think I haven't noticed." Perfection.“Men that Jeff’s interested in and men that I’m interested in, and it felt oddly normal.“I look forward to meeting whomever Jeff ends up because I assume I will like that person because I love Jeff.

“When you’re talking to your girlfriends about details of your marriage, there was so much that I couldn’t and didn’t talk about it.

We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. “A wickedly funny collection.” ―The New York Times“Not since Woody Allen's several collections of short stories has there been so delightfully distorted a world view as the one that permeates this little book.” ―The Baltimore Sun“A great American writer.” ―Jamaica Kincaid, author of Mr. It is the essence of society that concerns Frazier.

Your account will only be charged when we ship the item. That he is hilarious is just a bonus.” ―People“Bold, challenging humor that works as the inspiration for both laughs and thoughts.” ―The Philadelphia Inquirer Ian Frazier is the author of Great Plains, The Fish's Eye, On the Rez, and Travels in Siberia, as well as Family, Lamentations of the Father, and The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days.

A frequent contributor to The New Yorker, he lives in Montclair, New Jersey.

Ian Frazier is perhaps a bit too hip for most, and this is very obvious in this collection.

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