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So nice to know someone else understands, thank you!!

xx Hi Rebecca My DD is the same age with exactly the same behaviour, it's exhausting isn't it.

I have 2 other girls who would never have done any of this at her age and I am at my wits end.

I so want to do the right thing but my patience is seriously flagging!!!Basically my lounge is completely toddler proof at the moment, looks a little strange but hey it works.As for the kitchen, I do have a gate to stop her coming in but I usually let her in UNTIL she misbehaves then she gets put out.Arrests were being made as recently as Thursday when the press conference was held, Perez said.“While most adults online immediately stop communicating with these investigators,” he said.“Once they believed they were children, the 12 suspects arrested during the operation only became more interested.”Leon County Sheriff Walt Mc Neil speaks about a law enforcement sting entitled Operation Cupid's Arrow, a week-long effort spanning North Florida targeted at child predators, at the FDLE Headquarters on Thursday, Feb. There is no race, age or demographic that defines a sexual predator, Perez said.

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Short of turfing all the furniture out she is going to do something - even caught her peeling wallpaper off today!! Becky xx You little livewire sounds very much like my 17 month old.

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