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Maddy has a “date” Friday evening in Washington, D.C., with a high-ranking government official who saw her ad on, a popular website for escort ads.It also helps its clients find jobs or schooling and teaches them the skills they need to become independent.

“It’s economically advantageous to have [high-end sex work] going on.”Maddy believes that many companies and government agencies are less likely to hold major conferences in places where prostitution laws are strictly enforced.Earlier in the day, she had called to move up our meeting because her client was thinking of booking extended time with her. Maddy, it seems, takes her persona as an enticing escort seriously.So I rush over to Dupont Circle on the Metro, and as soon as I walk into Kramer’s, I get a text from her: “The timing didn’t work out so there’s no need to rush.” I text her back saying I’m already at Kramer’s and will wait for her here. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I get another text from Maddy: “I’m here.” A minute later, I discover her bent over behind a table of stacked books, changing from flats into high-heeled black pumps. She is dressed casually, in a light-pink tailored shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans; a gauzy white scarf is wrapped loosely around her neck.The hazel-eyed twenty-six-yearold from North Carolina (whom I met at the Desiree Alliance conference) is staying at a boutique hotel in Dupont Circle, and she has agreed to meet with me before her date.We decide to rendezvous at Kramer’s, a popular bookstore and eatery a few blocks from her hotel.

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Going to a sex worker, she says, “is a safe place for [clients] to explore their desires, such as cross-dressing or getting fucked in the ass.

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