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Some said, it was because Ranbir was a philanderer, some said it was because Ranbir’s mom, Neetu Singh, was not too happy with Katrina while some blame Katrina’s renewed proximity to Salman Khan as the reason. KATRINA KAIF JUST DOESN’T GET RANBIR’S ‘FUNNY’ JOKES! Disclaimer: The above article is meant to be taken in a light manner.

Even though both the stars are still coming together to promote Jagga Jasoos, a movie that suffered a bit due to their breakup, all is not well in la la land. In all of the above posters, Ranbir looks like he just cracked some joke, and the girls are laughing at whatever he cracked. And no guy likes it when a girl doesn’t crack up at their jokes, even after three attempts! Sometimes, a little laughter is seldom a cause for worry!

It’s understandable that singles feel like dating is more of a game and less of a journey to find love. Do you resort to playing games only to follow the unspoken laws of courtship?

How are you to know if someone is playing hard to get or if they’re just not that into you? As matchmakers, we sometimes find ourselves helping clients untangle the webs of confusion created by dating games and sexist rules. And as it turns out I kind of like it - doing what I want when I want.

From business to adventure and love, when in doubt opening yourself up to possibilities is always the right move. It’s impossible not to change habits, behaviors, and expectations no matter how much we might want to resist, especially in dating.

The feeling of “keeping up or dining alone” looms so we give in to the swipe culture where traditional ways of communicating get archived for new, inventive methods that make life and dating seemingly easier, but strip away humanity in the process.

“When we were growing up facetime meant spending time with someone in person.

Independance Day (teaser attached to ID4 2) comes out this June and Comic Con in July are potential trailer release dates (teaser trailer).

David 7May-31-2016 PMGood theory though I'm also thinking June or July.

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After all, they didn’t even made their relationship public, then why should they even tell us why they broke up.

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