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Redmine git repository not updating

Code from the repositories of public projects is readable for all registered redmine users (that includes external users! Documentation (wiki pages, documents) is currently viewable even for anonymous visitors to ease getting help and information, and also to ease project administration, as administrators only need to manage users that do need extended access to more advanced roles (bug-reporting or even managing for example).If your code or project information needs to be hidden from all people but members of your project, you need to declare the project to be private during project-creation (or later reconfiguration via settings → information).After logging in, you'll see a link "Settings" on the right end of the projects navigation bar.Choose this for further configuration: Setting the description, select modules that should be available within your project, create a wiki or forums and connect the project to a source code repository and manage project members.Users won't be able to even notice the existence of a private project until they have been added as that projects member by the project manager.You probably want to use private projects for example to manage a groups or departments internal strategic discussions.In this case, switch which will restore your working copy to the state it was before.

There’s no word about configuration, customizations and plugins, which you probably also want to preserve and reinstall. Redmine patch releases come out every month or two, security related bug fixes are released whenever necessary - you don’t want to miss these, right?At the very least having a dedicated repository will give you a place to store all the things necessary for deployment (more on that later).But trust me, sooner or later you (or your users) want to have some plugin or a custom theme installed, and then you already have the complete infrastructure in place.Obviously, you will need to install the " $ ssh gerrit.**** Welcome to Gerrit Code Review **** Hi Olivier Tétard, you have successfully connected over SSH. To clone a hosted Git repository, use: git clone ssh://[email protected]:29418/REPOSITORY_Connection to dev.closed.Note: if you already have a functional git repository, this step is not needed.

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Experimenting with changes, trying out plugins and themes in local branches without breaking the production code - things like that will be very easy once you have your own Redmine git repo. While Redmine’s primary repository is a Subversion instance, there is a semi-official repository on Github which is maintained by a core committer and always up to date.