Setup ds admin pl error updating console conf

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Setup ds admin pl error updating console conf

This may cause temporary server congestion from lost client connections.

WARNING: There are only 1024 file descriptors (hard limit) available, which limit the number of simultaneous connections.

Directory server network port [389]: ============================================================================== Each instance of a directory server requires a unique identifier.

This identifier is used to name the various instance specific files and directories in the file system, as well as for other uses as a server instance identifier.

To accept the default shown in brackets, press the Enter key.

WARNING: 376MB of physical memory is available on the system.

If you are managing multiple software releases at the same time, or managing information about multiple domains, you may use the Administration Domain to keep them separate.

If you are not using administrative domains, press Enter to select the default. Updating with information from configuration directory server .

============================================================================== This program will set up the 389 Directory and Administration Servers.

It is recommended that you have "root" privilege to set up the software.

setup ds admin pl error updating console conf-43setup ds admin pl error updating console conf-72setup ds admin pl error updating console conf-29, the port number (default 389), the suffix, the DN and password of a user having permission to write the configuration information, usually the configuration directory administrator, and if you are using security (TLS/SSL).