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Several hundred years later during the flowering of the Enlightenment, women emerged as equal intellectual partners with men in the salons of England, France and Germany–hotbeds of intellectual, philosophical and religious discussion.Many of these salons were run by women, some of whom mentored other women.She was a rare exception in leaving behind a body of work and an institution renown for learning and creativity.Hildegarde’s conviction and authority came from her visions and alleged direct instructions from God.It also meant that women’s creative thinking was not sanctified and preserved through university publications, alumni associations, national archives etc.In medieval times this thin line of development of women’s consciousness flourished outside the home in religious sanctuaries – abbeys, convents and the famous Beguinages of medieval Europe.Consciously identifying and transcending outdated inner structures, and forging a felt connection to what my spiritual sister, Elizabeth Debold, beautifully articulated in her blog as Eros, (thereby becoming truly effective partners with each other and with men) is our bond, our passion, and mission!Like many other women interested in the evolution of women’s consciousness we recognize the powerful defining influence of our primary role and biological function as mothers and caretakers throughout history.

Not only this, but unconventional sexual relationships and life styles also emerged, with women taking multiple lovers and husbands who were creative intellectual and philosophical partners.

This disquieting observation by Gerda Lerner, Professor of History, specializing in the history of women, resonated with an increasing recognition shared by a group of us, women at Enlighten Next, that as a gender, despite many brilliant, courageous, and accomplished individuals throughout history, we have barely imprinted, let alone been movers and shakers in shaping history, or the world we live in today. Actively engaged for the past fifteen years in the transformation of women’s consciousness, with spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, we have come to know this at close quarters!

For independent, free-thinking postmodern women, this is a hard pill to swallow! However, endeavoring to unearth the reasons for this phenomenon has led us to actively examine not only the external conditions that have contributed to this state of affairs, but also the structures of our own internal psyche as women.

Similarly Jean D’Arc another courageous, outstanding woman who gave her life for her country was empowered through her visions and direct commandment from God.

Both these women were fired by their personal connection and surrender to a higher spiritual force, an inspiration and divine injunction that thrust them way beyond the inner and outer mores of their time.

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