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They'll send you pictures of what you should be doing.

They send porn to desensitize the child so they think it's normal, he says.

The number of contacts or buddies a teen has on instant messenger is a status symbol. From time to time, parents should look at their children's buddy list, Tallim says. Jeff Degen, one of two Internet-trolling officers in the OPP's child porn section, spends most days investigating people trading porn or luring kids.

He has binders full of people he's investigating and even more of the different personae he uses on the Internet so he can keep them all straight, including panty and bra sizes he's given the suspect. He keeps his instant messaging buddy list organized by category: likes little boys, likes little girls, in possession of child porn, luring suspects.

The new luring law, which means people can't communicate with a person they believe to be under 14 years of age for a sexual purpose, has a maximum five-year sentence.

Howe says the OPP is lobbying to get the penalties made more severe and the age of consent for sex increased.

There are rooms set up by users; girls masturbating on cam and daddy's girl are a few of the publishable names. That's where I start and find, under the title of teen, an Oh Canada room.

As soon as my screen name, which includes my fake age, appears in the central room, smaller screens private messages from other people in the room start popping up in front of me. I'm not used to posing as a teen girl, I'm not used to lying, I'm not used to the lingo and I'm certainly not expecting to get a request for a picture two seconds into a conversation.

But the statistics need to be taken in a certain context, says Jane Tallim, the Media Awareness Network's director of education.On the right-hand side is the list of people in the room. This time, when I go into the Canadian room for teens, no private messages arrive. I leave the room and decide to check out a few others.Double click on a name and you can send a private message, away from the public glare of the main room. Then a private message appears from doug (not his real user name): why'd u leave? I tell him I want to see what I think of him via the Internet first.Of the youth who use instant messaging, 57 per cent say they talk to people they've met only on the Internet and almost six in 10 young people in Canada say they used chat rooms the most popular were ones that weren't monitored.The Media Awareness Network found the likelihood of young people visiting adult chat rooms increases with age, with 66 per cent of 15- to 17-year-olds visiting them.

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