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(x) The Offertory Gifts at the Centenary Mass (XI) at the altar were past pupil Very Rev. Archbishop Connell began the Mass with words of welcome to all present and of explanation of the importance of the occasion.The readings were done by Mrs Una Wall and Mr James Kirby, teachers in the school.Records were lost and, regrettably, even burnt as of no further interest.A full chapter has been devoted to some of the personalities of that era, now all dead.

The work of James Maguire, AFIAP, official photographer to the College, the Past Pupils Union and the Rugby Football Club, for the beautiful study of the College on the dust jacket, the colour photographs of the Centenary celebrations, and innumerable black and white photos taken from College Annuals from 1958 onwards, throughout the book.Archbishop Desmond Connell blessing the new Senior School Extension, accompanied by Prof. The Archbishop addressed the assembled guests and students as follows: Before I pronounce the blessing, I would like now again, very briefly to refer to the importance of this day. We have just given thanks for the past in our Mass and now I see the future in the building that I am just about to bless because it speaks to me of the expansion of this school. The programme of formation in those days saw the young men who aspired to become Holy Ghost Fathers, first finish their classical or secondary education, either in the Junior Scholasticates in Blackrock and Rockwell, or elsewhere, and then begin their philosophical course for three years or do a few years prefecting in one of the colleges before starting their philosophy course.The young faces I see around me, speak to me of the future. The young people bear that future in their hands and it is our responsibility to enable them to advance to a glorious future for the Church and for the society which they are to help build up. After prefecting, or the philosophy course, whichever came second, they did their theological course of four years, with ordination at the end of the third year, and then made their one-year novitiate before taking their vows as Holy Ghost Fathers.Shield: Quarterings Or; Scroll outline Or, with ground Argent. On the upper right quarter there is the Dove in silver, symbolic of the Holy Ghost, from which descend seven golden rays, the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, essential in the practice of “Fidelitas in Arduis”.The right base bears a red heart transfixed with a sword and encircled with golden roses. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publishers.

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