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Stop blockbuster app from updating

As Windu and Palpatine converse about how Skywalker's training was far from complete, Palpatine then offered to take in the boy.Windu refused the offer, stating that Kenobi had it well in hand.He was the greatest champion of the Jedi Order and promoted its ancient traditions amidst the growing influence of the dark side of the Force in the corrupt, declining days of the Republic.When the Separatist Crisis spawned the birth of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and sparked the Clone Wars, Windu and the Jedi rallied to the defense of the Republic and became the leaders of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Skywalker obeyed and returned the lightsabers to the Padawans, apologizing for his behavior.

Approximately ten years before the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation initiated a blockade of the planet Naboo.

At the request of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, the Jedi Council ordered Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to settle the dispute as emissaries of the Chancellor.

Yoda quoted the Rule of Two, an ancient Sith philosophy that limited their ranks to two Sith Lords—a master and an apprentice—causing Windu to ponder over which of the two was defeated by Kenobi.

Afterward, he attended the victory celebration on Naboo along with Yoda, several members of the Jedi Council, and the newly-elected Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.

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Upon returning from their failed mission, the Council was made aware of a far greater threat, the ancient enemy of the Jedi—the Sith—had returned.