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Triplex toughened glass dating

As Transparencies core within this cat- g ry every effort- must made to ensure that in the event of a defect there is sufficient redundancy in the design to avoid expensive service delays. Further unpressurised flights are permissible provided the outer panel is complete. F Metallic Insert obscured Symptom G (eyebrow panel only) Metallic insert visible WINDSCREEN FAILURE SYMPTOMS Fie.

14 3.1 Flight Deck Transparencies (Contd) Most of the larger operators are setting up extensive overhaul and repair facilities in order that a greater percentage of component servicing can he accomplished "in house”. If identifi- cation not possible, select ooth Windscreen Heat Master switches off. 7 Transparency Failure Emergency Drill (Part 2) k£9S ff £ 5 h f Ff [: !

To date operators have nrt seriously considered extending their facilities to include the repair of windshield panels (mainly replacement of the heated glass assembly), but it is possible that moves in this direction will be made in the near future. M DESIGN GUIDELINES FOB SUBSONIC TRANSPORT WINDSHIELDS P. Bain The Boeing Commercial Airplane company Seattle, Washington 23 DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR SUBSONIC TRANSPORT WINDSHIELDS by Peter Bain The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company Seattle, Washington Presented at the Conference on Aerospace Transparent Materials and Enclosures November 18-21, 1975 Atlanta, Georgia ABSTRACT The Boeing Company has recently completed a comprehensive Windshield Design Guide which provides data 10 assist in the design of windshields for subsonic transport airplanes.

It is therefore suggested that where possible the possibility of "in house" repair be taken into account in the design of new Transparencies. This paper examines the need for such a document, and gives a brief look at its overall contents. Performance and Durability, is discussed in greater ■detail, and qualitatively compares the performance of the windshields of the new generation of wide-body jets, with that of their predecessors.

pay load) is still some 30^' greater than that of the Trident.

In general the benefits of rain repellents will only really become apparent in heavy rain, and on some aircraft it is difficult to ensure that adequate repellent is being app] ied to the windshield panels .

API's are n-w fitted to virtually all new civil aircraft and as such should overcome one of the main problems associated with an air blast ram dispersal system, nareiy lack of sufficient bleed air on the approach because of the low power setting of the rain engines. Further unpressurised flights are permissible provided any vision loss is accepted.

The imminent introduction of the 3ST will demand a new level of reliability on all components particularly those likely to affect dispatchability. CB's BA-G1A, IB, 1C Group 2, CB’s BA-G-2 2B, 2C ach particular case are indicated 7, 8 . Further pressurised flights are permissible provided any vision loss is accepted. 7 Transparency Failure Emergency Drill ( Part 1) 20 WINDSCREEN HEAT GROUPING Group 1 Group 2 m (Z Symptom B Metallic insert visible Metallic Insert Symptom C Metallic insert visible Symptoms A.

12 2.6 Transparency Maintenance Posts Following the purchase of wide bodied aircraft the civil operator has been confronted with a significant increase in the cost of maintaining his Transparencies.

With some of the newer Transparencies now costing upwards of 17 » 000 dollars the burden on the operator is likely to increase still further unless a significant improvement in reliability car. Sven when account is taken of the greater revenue earning ability of wide bodied aircraft, the relative cost of maintaining the Transparencies on for example L.1011 aircraft (expressed as cost per unit flying hour per lb.

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