Vb updating combobox value john sanchez woodlands dating

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Vb updating combobox value

style of combo box operates the same way as the Drop Down List, except that the user may type a new value in the text box portion of the combo box.Please note that if the user types a non-list value, this value is NOT automatically added to the list, and the value of List Index would be 1.This sample code is intended to illustrate a concept, and it shows only the code that is relevant to that concept.

Combo boxes are so-named because they "combine" the features found in both text boxes and list boxes.It also contains two command buttons, named cmd Load State Name Combo and cmd Add New Name.In this event, we first clear the cbo Food combo box, then manually add three food items along with their calorie count in the corresponding Item Data property.You should check the Text property to access the user's selection or entry.style of combo box operates in a manner similar to the Drop Down Combo in that the user can either select an item from the list or type a new entry.

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