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Webcams in bedrooms

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Common default unchanged [passwords] on thousands of devices…is a primary flaw that is being leveraged by attackers.

It’s this fear of hacking that has led me to constantly covering my camera in a bit of Blu-Tack, but I guess that isn’t too helpful if you’ve installed the webcam for a reason.

To read the real reason computer webcams were invented, click HERE.

An unsettling video has emerged online showing the webcams of unsuspecting internet users.

In some cases, insecure cameras can be identified using nothing more than an internet search engine.

Remember, if you can access your video footage over the internet, then what is stopping someone else from doing the same?

“You may think that having to type in an obscure web address to access the footage provides some level of protection.

The website features almost 600 live feeds from homes and businesses across the UK, including a gym in Manchester, a bedroom in Birmingham, and an office in Leicester.

Some of the feeds appear to be monitoring children’s bedrooms, farmyard animals, and one even shows an elderly woman sitting in their living room.

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The footage was taken from camera streams published on the deep web, showing people looking at their laptops, smoking, pottering around the house and generally going about their day, all of them completely unaware that someone has hacked into their webcam and is posting their business all over the deep web.

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