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In truth, she always thought she’d settle here, but she and Mumford live in West London because it’s easier to get from there to the farmhouse they own in Devon. “No,” Mulligan replies with a smile, “Rambo as in Sylvester Stallone.”)“I like waking up in the morning and putting on whatever’s by the side of my bed, and putting on Wellington boots and walking up a steep hill. “When you’re working, everything’s so busy and so aesthetic.When all of that angst isn’t on you, you’re just kind of a better person—more focused on other people rather than worrying about yourself.” Her old friend the actor and former model Jamie Dornan says that “the country is a good representation of who Carey is.As Hare puts it, her “inner life seems so deep that you can’t quite get at it.That’s really what the great ones have.”If you’d seen Mulligan in the BBC adaptation of ten years ago, you’d have noticed how engaging she was, and how sweet, but you might not have foreseen the suicidal darkness of her peroxide-blonde singer in Shame, the trouble behind the eyes of her Daisy Buchanan, or the hilarious spitting fury of her Coen-brothers folk artist.Fresh from a standing ovation, Carey Mulligan sits in her Broadway dressing room, one leg tucked under the other, hair pinned back from her face, her hands almost consumed by a long pale-blue sweater. “Yesterday I didn’t feel as good about it, but today I liked.”She is surrounded by flowers (“I got flowers from Helen Mirren, which I thought was the nicest thing ever!

She’s very good at holding stuff back.”) It was only afterward that I recognized this inscrutable aspect as a key to her great performances as well.

But it is the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s version: a powerful and perverse rendition, in which her costumes are so elaborate as to border on the fetishistic, her tiny waist cinched even smaller by her corset.

As Bathsheba Everdene—a woman ahead of her time, who inherits her uncle’s estate—Mulligan is both elfin and severe, commanding and fragile, quicksilver opposite the solid and sensual Matthias Schoenaerts, playing Gabriel Oak.

“There’s a tender strength that she has,” Schoenaerts says of his costar.

“A gentleness and a softness but an extreme force that comes with it.” The whole film appears to be built on the possibilities suggested by Mulligan’s face, which is full of thought and mischief and defiance. “I have always felt that the less people know about me, the better,” she says.

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She is articulate, determined, wry, and raw; she may be the least fake thing you’ll ever see on a stage.

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